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event production


event production

special events

premium event services stage show

Whether it is an intimate affair or a gala for 3,000 guests, every event is special.  PES has experience working with corporate and non-profit clients on fund raising galas, corporate holiday events, carnival picnics, casino nights, product launches, theme nights, groundbreaking digs, teambuilding and more.  From the smallest detail to the grandest impression, our team is prepared to assist you in executing those details to make your next event one to remember.


corporate meeting

The corporate world is built on meetings and PES is armed with the tools and resources to help you navigate everything from registration to your closing event.  We’ve got you covered on being organized and prepared, incorporating sponsorship and branding, developing content, and executing your audio visual and technology solutions.  We can alleviate many of the tasks that consume your time giving you the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with your clients, sponsors, and attendees.  We know that a well-executed meeting is critical to achieving your goals.

design & decor

outdoor event decor

An intelligent room design can set the theme for your event.  The décor should captivate your audience with colors, lights, fabrics, engaging visuals, and interactive entertainment that conveys a message or evokes a mood or emotion.  Our design team can help carry out your vision identifying the key elements that fit within your budget and provide the most impact to the audience.

destination management

destination management

gm heritage center

venue selection

Metropolitan Detroit boasts a wide variety of unique venues to wow even the most traveled guest.  From one-of-a-kind gems such as The Henry Ford, Detroit Institute of Arts, and Meadowbrook Hall to industry-leading hotels and convention centers and off-the-beaten path spots, let PES be your partner to find the venue that is perfect for you.  Finding a venue with the right atmosphere sets the tone for your event and is vital to the entire experience.

premium event services corporte event


If an unforgettable event experience is what is desired, let PES produce your next program. Our event production goes beyond traditional planning by pairing entertainment, creative and technical production with experienced management to focus on the guest experience in every aspect.  A truly successful production engages your audience and immerses them in an environment that awes and inspires them playing on moods and emotions. Our creative team can assist you in carrying out your vision.

detroit institute of arts


We love the city of Detroit and we want to share our obsession with you.  A good DMC knows their town and the local experiences that will leave guests with a favorable impression when they leave. Detroit is rich with history and tradition based on Cars, Culture,  Gaming, Sports and Music – the birthplace of Motown!  PES can assist you with always-a-favorite, City Tours, group tours at our museums, river cruises, or driving on the new M1 Concourse tracks.  There truly is something for everyone.  Allow us to pair you with the activities suitable for all demographics of your group.

transportation manaement

transportation management

airport meet and greet

airport greet service

Your event starts right when your guests get off the plane! Our experienced team will welcome you and your guests as if you are our own best friends. Our uniformed staff will be easy to spot in baggage and identified by custom event signage. In addition, we can arrange for a welcome desk specific for your group to serve as a central meeting point or for transportation information. All guests will be escorted to the ground transportation center by our staff providing point to point service. Our management system allows us to receive real time flight updates and inform your team when all guests depart the airport for their destination so you can be prepared to receive them. Rest assured; we do not leave the airport until your last guest is accounted for. Whether it is retrieving delayed luggage, a lost laptop or cell phone or a deviation from the guest plans, PES will manage those details. We are proud that the airport knows us, and we know the airport! 

charter bus transportation detroit

staffing & logistics

Our positive team members will help kick off your event with a great first impression.  PES's experienced ground staff have managed hundreds of group moves in cities around the country as well as in the Caribbean.  Our consistent systems and strong relationships with dispatch teams and venues has allowed our staff to manage thousands with ease. From a logistics standpoint, we have developed models that can adapt to multiple complexities yet maintain high standards of service with short guest wait times. Our focus at PES is to prepare for the unforeseen and address all group move scenarios so you don’t have to. 

convention transportation

group transfers

Whether you have a handful of guests or thousands to transfer, we have you covered. With a full suite of transportation equipment from full size motor coaches to private SUVs, we are prepared to handle all of your group needs.  Our systems allow us to prepare consistent, standardized details to drivers, appropriate and easy-to-navigate signage, as well as to provide our on the ground dispatch and team of logistics staff with the tools needed to effortlessly manage even the most complex moves.  In addition, we communicate with all venues involved in your group move. PES is fully insured as are all equipment providers and drivers thoroughly vetted.

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